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nuk nipple shields

nuk nipple shields

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it relieves the sensitive nipples during breastfeeding and at the same time allows calm and natural sucking

breastfeeding allows you and your baby to get to know each other particularly well and intensively and to experience a feeling of security and closeness, however, sometimes breastfeeding is difficult due to irritated or inflamed nipples

in such situations, the nuk breast shield can help, this way you can continue to give your little one valuable breast milk and maintain an intensive bond with your child

the little breastfeeding aid made of extremely thin silicone
  • their optimised shape allows more skin contact between you and your baby
  • 92% of parents confirm that the baby’s nose has sufficient space when using the nuk nipple shield*
  • the baby can feel and smell its parent and the intense bond that develops during breastfeeding is not disturbed
  • the different surface structures and the four drinking openings are modelled on the parent’s breast and thus enable a natural and calm drinking sensation
  • made of gossamer-thin silicone, relieve the sensitive nipples during breastfeeding and also help babies with weak suction to grip their parent’s breasts better
for flat or inverted nipples, the shield can contribute to pleasant breastfeeding and a natural flow, please also consult your midwife or breastfeeding advisor
the round radius allows the nipple shield to be used in any breastfeeding position and provides a secure hold

with the practical protective box, you can also store the nuk breast shield hygienically

how to put on the nuk breastfeeding shield correctly
  • to find the right size for you, you should ask yourself a few questions in advance,
  • does the breast attachment feel comfortable to wear?
  • does the nipple fill the hollow space of the shield?
  • do the baby's lips completely surround the attachment?

if you can answer these questions with "yes", you have found the right size for your nipple shield and can start using it

  • before using the nipple shield, you should wash your hands thoroughly and clean the breast with a damp cloth
  • the grip of the nuk nipple shields can be increased by slightly moistening them with water or breast milk
  • for an optimal position on the nipple, pull the contact surfaces of the cone towards the tip to be able to place it easily in the middle; then you can put the contact surfaces back and align them according to the desired breastfeeding position
  • after each application, you should clean the breast with water to remove milk residues and thus avoid germs
how to clean and store the nipple shield
  • handling your baby requires a high level of hygiene at all times
  • after using the nipple shield it is best to clean it immediately with warm water and a gentle rinse aid, afterwards, it can dry in a hygienic environment
  • you should disinfect or boil the breast shield daily
  • cover the shield completely with water to avoid damage and boil it quickly
  • if looked after hygienically, the breast attachment can last
the supplied storage box is suitable for subsequent storage

it is recommended to place the nipple shield in the lid of the box and subsequently close the box, this prevents the nipple shield from being clamped

*tested by 95 parents and 33 nurses in an independent clinical study in Germany in 2017

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