little unicorn

we exist to celebrate the messy, exhausting and beautiful moments that colour your little world

we are parents too

the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of the products you choose for your kids

we test and test and test again our products before it gets to you, so you can enjoy the wonderful moments through it all

"my body is my autobiography each stretch mark tells a story of growth and becoming. my skin is a silent conversation of how much I have accomplished"

the jiffle wagon

the only 6-in-1 stroller

ride comfortably on all surfaces with anti-puncture tyres, suspension on front wheels and directly underneath your child in carrycot or seat

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for your little ones

little belle night lights

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bath buddies

bath buddies is a New Zealand owned and operated small business

products are manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa by The Bean People, a small family run business who have been producing these unique and ethically sound bath toys since 1988

they continue to create each product by hand, allowing them to support a local underprivileged community, mainly women, through employment and funding of a local NGO school, upskilling adults and educating children

harker herbals

their reputation for safe, effective herbal blends started in 1981 when Malcolm Harker opened the doors of his herbal apothecary in Waipu

today all products are made in a GMP certified facility in the Hawkes Bay and are sent around the world

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with a background in wound-care nursing, Ali is a stickler for what can and can’t touch a baby’s skin

paying attention to the small stuff, making sure her products stand the test of time, longstanding quality is very important, so you can feel confident storing your babu goodies away for your next children, friends, and family- that is, if they haven’t been kept as precious keepsakes

"You were born to be real, not to be perfect"