b.box body

best for baby naturally - award winning skincare range

pause the happy chaos of family life with luxurious + effective bathing + skincare formulations - that feel + smell amazing

we’ve taken the best australian botanical and plant-based elements to achieve formulations that are kind

lamington socks

eighteen years on, lamington has established a global reputation for producing high-quality merino socks and tights, made in new zealand and stocked in retailers throughout the country - and the world

 material - 70% merino wool, 25% nylon + 5% elastane

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the jiffle wagon

the only 6-in-1 stroller

ride comfortably on all surfaces with anti-puncture tyres, suspension on front wheels and directly underneath your child in carrycot or seat

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white noise for the family

whether you are needing portable or overnight use we have you covered

born from a heartfelt mission to help a loved one find peaceful sleep, is dedicated to enhancing your sleep experience through white noise

"my body is my autobiography each stretch mark tells a story of growth and becoming. my skin is a silent conversation of how much I have accomplished"

purely baby

purely baby emerged from my husband’s hospital supplies company as a direct result of parents from the neonatal units struggling to find quality, safe and affordable wipes on the private market

having supplied wipes to healthcare for 20+ years, we knew that a good quality, water wipe does not have to retail at a price beyond the reach of the average kiwi family

the new crane 3 n 1

perfect size for small to medium rooms with a sleek design that blends with most aesthetics, it features a 1.9 L top fill tank for easy refilling but will run up to 15 continuous hours

cool mist humidifier, aroma diffuser & sleep support

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bath buddies

bath buddies is a New Zealand owned and operated small business

products are manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa by The Bean People, a small family run business who have been producing these unique and ethically sound bath toys since 1988

they continue to create each product by hand, allowing them to support a local underprivileged community, mainly women, through employment and funding of a local NGO school, upskilling adults and educating children

"You were born to be real, not to be perfect"