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navybaby wooden posting box

navybaby wooden posting box

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they have taken the classic posting box and placed safety, size, and user suitability at the forefront of production

there is nothing we love more than open-ended options and with this box there are several

includes 3 loose parts to get your little ones posting journey started, check out some videos attached to see the posting box in action

posting box features
1x thin slot - suitable for navybaby wooden buttons or navybaby organza scarfs
1x thick slot - suitable for the navybaby A-grade small wooden ring or navybaby larger silk scarfs
1x circle hole- suitable for the navybaby small-sized metal sphere, wooden ball, crochet cup, eggs, pom pom, and more check out the playset for a box full of goodies

with safety in mind

we've eliminated the common wooden-handled knob seen on most posting boxes and replaced this with a slot handle, this is perfect for the young child to use as a posting option or when sliding out the inner compartment but most importantly, it removes any choking hazards

the navybaby posting box covers a range of posting play opportunities, we are proud to offer such open-ended possibilities within one little box

let's take a look at a few main childhood schemas (play patterns) and skills that are in full swing when the posting box is being used

positioning  - arranging things a certain way, posting things into position
enveloping - covering or hiding things, posting objects inside a box to hide - this can support placement skills, ordering, and organizing
object permanence - does this object still exist although I can't see it? young children learn to understand that yes the object is there, we made sure the inner compartment of the box can be pulled right out or removed to support this learning
cause & effect - my actions cause an event to take place, I post this ball through the hole and then it rolls out the bottom, how interesting
fine gross motor skills - manipulating items/objects to turn, rotate or flip and further post in or through

navybaby items that are suitable for use with your posting box:
natural and dark wooden buttons
wooden ball
small metal sphere
crochet ball
organza scarfs
large scarfs
silk hanky
stainless oval
small wooden ring
natural egg
painted eggs
interlocking disc
6 coloured ball pack

note - your posting box will not fit navybaby large wooden ring
size - 11.8*10.8*8.5cm
material - natural beech wood
the posting box is not designed as a teether and should not be sucked on

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