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crane top fill 4-n-1 humidifier

crane top fill 4-n-1 humidifier

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increase the moisture in the air and bring wellness to your entire family in style

increased moisture in the air can be used dry coughs, colds, nose bleeds, itchy eyes, dry scratchy throats and congestion

  • sound machine - 3 different sounds
  • colour changing nightlight along with a red sleep light function
  • removable tank that now has top fill feature - easier to fill your humidifier tank
  • aroma tray allows you to use vapour pads
  • essential oils can be used with the vapour pad
  • increased air moisture can be used with cough, dry tickly throats, congestion and colds
  • whisper quiet ultrasonic operation with variable cool mist output control
  • auto off function when water tank is empty, with low power consumptio
  • 3.75L tank runs up to 11 hours (highest setting) per fill, or up to 24 hours on the lowest setting
  • water indicator light
  • easy to clean
  • 1 year warranty
  • award winning product
  • three sleep options to help sleep better at night – white noise, rain and ocean waves
  • for easy filling and easy cleaning
  • you can place you hand inside of the tank to thoroughly clean and disinfect
  • no hard to reach places for bacteria growth and detachable cord
  • included in the base for vapor pads or unscented pads for essential oils
  • colour changing nightlight
  • a steady red light is available to support better sleep throughout the night
VARIABLE SPEED SETTINGSvariable speed settings
no matter the humidity level you would like to achieve with variable output settings and an adjustable 360° mist lid making it easy to send the mist in any direction

the mist output is perfect for humidifying rooms up to 500 sq. ft., which is a standard medium to large sized room

which makes it the perfect option for light sleepers, kids, and especially babies

this humidifier is made with clean control anti-microbial material which reduces mold and bacteria growth by up to 99.96%

PLEASE NOTE - all colours are supplied with a BLACK NZ/AU adaptor plug

vapour pads are sold separately

please read the instruction manual carefully before using your humidifier, particularly around placement of your humidifier
place the humidifier on an elevated, non-metallic, lint-free, waterproof, level surface at least 60cm above the floor

do not place the humidifier on carpet or a towel, the fan vent is located on the bottom of the water basin
the fan vent must not be obstructed 

do not place the humidifier on a wood surface or near furniture that can be damaged by too much moisture
check water level sensor, make sure the water level sensor is secured properly and not obstructed

to prevent excess humidity or condensation please leave the door ajar for air circulation and adjust mist intensity to the low output setting

cleaning and disinfecting on a regular basis is very important for maintaining the performance of your humidifier - never immerse humidifier base in water

please do not use essential oils in the water tank

tank volume - 3.75L
height - 34cm
width at widest point - 22cm
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