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chicco digital bath thermometer

chicco digital bath thermometer

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to determine the correct water and room temperature, the digital bath thermometer is a must have accessory

to check the bath water and room temperature
easy to read digital display
automatic switch off after 1 hour
child friendly panda shape
temperature range: 0 to 50°C
accuracy: +1°C, -1°C

1 button cell CR2032/ 3 volts (included)

optimum water temperature
if you want to bathe your baby, twice a week is sufficient
the bath water should have a temperature of 37°C
with the cute panda thermometer, you can determine the optimal temperature within two minutes

if the temperature is above 39°C, the LED will flash red and the word “HOT” will appear on the display

if the bath water has a temperature below 30°C, the display shows the term "COLD"

also suitable for determining the room temperature

with the 2in1 thermometer, you can also determine the room temperature for your little one, incidentally, a room temperature of 24°C is recommended in the room you are using to bath your little one

cleaning and maintenance

after each use, rinse the thermometer under running water, dry it and store it in a cool, dry place until next use

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