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zazi sun shades

zazi sun shades

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safety is #1 priority - especially when it comes to little ones

stylish designs in fab colours are perfect for shielding little eyes from the harsh sun

plus kids look mega cute in them

lenses offer UV400 protection to block 100% of UVA/B rays, and are also polarised to help reduce glare and eye strain

UV400 polarized TAC lenses
super flexible frames - nearly indestructible
scratch resistant lenses
material is specially designed with kids in mind: durable, flexible, ultra light, and comfortable
soft and safe for faces, hands and mouths

every pair comes in a sturdy, drawer-box case with a polishing cloth and a drawstring pouch for safe keeping


it's hard to put an age on anything because children vary in size

0-3 years
these shades typically fit children between age 0-3years
frames are 103mm wide and the arms are 117mm

they come with an adjustable strap which can help keep shades on

3-9 years
these shades typically fit children between age 3 and 9
the frames are 124mm wide and the arms are 129mm

the material is incredibly flexible and will stretch as your child grows

you can purchase our ear grips which are super helpful for kids between sizes or who have a lower nose bridge

what protection do they offer for little eyes?
lenses are TAC polarised offering reduce glare and eye strain, while still delivering 100% UVA/B/C protection (UV 400 protection)

what are TAC polarised lenses?
TAC stands for Tri Acetate Cellulose, it's a new lens technology formulated for superior visual and polarisation clarity

they have an anti-scratch coating and block 100% of harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometers

what are the frames made of?
the frames are made of TPEE (thermoplastic polyester elastomer)
TPEE is an eco-friendly thermoplastic
it's BPA free meaning no toxic chemicals are coming into contact with our children or the environment
it's a material that can be melted down and reprocessed into something else, so it's fully recyclable
plus it consumes less energy than other materials do in the production phase, reducing its carbon footprint. It's water resistant and incredibly durable - perfect for our sunnies!
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