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zazi messy mat

zazi messy mat

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messy mats are absorbent play mats with a waterproof backing which stops liquids seeping through to the surface below, the perfect size for catching messes without taking up too much room

ideal for picnics, messy play, under high chairs to catch spills, the beach, mattress protection, nappy free time and for under the potty when your little one is toilet learning

  • dimensions: 150cm x 150cm 
  • quilted, absorbent top layer
  • waterproof base layer to prevent leaking
  • machine washable
  • 100% Soft polyester front, trim and reverse
  • draw string backpack
  • gentle machine or hand wash at 40°C or below
  • do not use fabric softener or bleach
  • do not use fabric softener or bleach
  • do not iron
  • do not dry clean
  • it's recommended that you do not tumble dry this product and instead hang to dry to protect the waterproof layer
  • optional: add an extra spin cycle to speed up drying
  • hang up to dry after use so that it has the chance to dry, like any material, mould can form if left moist
are messy mats reversible?
  • the underside of the mats are black, the waterproofing works in either direction so you may choose to use the mat with the black side facing up for any activities that you think could
how do messy mats work?
  • they have a quilted polyester top layer, a padded middle layer and a waterproof base, they're absorbent, so liquids can soak into the top two layers and then the waterproof base prevents liquids seeping through to the surface below

are they big enough for our family?

  • four people can sit on this mat comfortably, they're a great size for covering beds up to queen size as a mattress protector, or to fit under high chairs to catch food

how can I  use a messy mat for toilet learning?

  • stick your messy mat over your child's fitted sheet to catch any middle of the night accidents and protect their mattress, it'll mean you can quickly strip the messy mat away and get everyone back to sleep without having to change the whole bed
  • you can also put your messy mat under your child whenever they're having nappy free time, place their potty on the mat to catch any wayward wees
how messy can I get on the messy mat?
  • the whole point of messy mats is for you to get as messy as possible
  • we know that messy play is fantastic for many areas of development but often us parents hold back from messiness, the reality is that even 'washable' paints and dyes can stain fabric, so yes, they can be stained, the more stained you can get your messy mat, the more fun we know you're having
will it stay waterproof?
  • as long as you're following the care instructions correctly, they will stay waterproof, avoid hot washes and tumble drying as this can deteriorate the waterproof layer
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