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viva la vulva

viva la vulva postpartum peri wash bottle

viva la vulva postpartum peri wash bottle

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cool, but wtf is this thing and why do I need it?

sometimes wiping just isn’t an option and it stings to pee, let’s face it, it’s fragile as f@#k down there
your peri wash bottle helps dilute your urine to prevent stinging and infection
we know it looks weird, but honestly, it will be one of your go to best things ever to take care of down there after baby is born
when toilet paper feels like sandpaper, use your peri wash bottle on your stitches or tears for the first couple of weeks following your birth
your vagina and perineum are working double time to repair themselves, give them a little extra help by using the easy and portable postpartum cleansing peri wash bottle

made to be held upside down, includes a narrow angled neck for a comfortable continuous stream of relief that really hits the spot

BPA plastic free and recyclable

simply fill with lukewarm water, or cool if you prefer
point the nozzle towards the vaginal area and squeeze slowly
perfect for postpartum healing and relief
please note*

not made to be put in sterilizers as it will melt, simply wash with hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly before and after use

hot mama tip
grab your portable peri wash bottle filled with lukewarm water, add 5-10 drops of viva the good witch hazel to the bottle and squirt down there when you go to the toilet
this assists with faster healing times, prevents infection, helps with stinging sensations and swelling

feeling the burn, you can also use cold water for a little cooling relief when needed

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