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silverette nursing cups

silverette nursing cups

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endorsed by midwives, lactation consultants and obstetricians around the world

SILVERETTE® are mini nursing cups that are worn over the nipples, helping to prevent, protect and alleviate painful, damaged nipples from breastfeeding

made of 925 sterling silver, SILVERETTE® nursing cups take advantage of the natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of silver, providing a healing environment for breastfeeding nipples

how to use
simply place the nursing cups over your nipples, using your bra and/or nursing pads to hold them into place

wear them night and day, in between nursing sessions, until the pain/damage has resolved


the sizing only affects the comfort factor for some, not the effectiveness
if your measurements do not fit into the above two categories then order XL as this will ensure maximum comfort
XL is the best option as it is a one-size-fits-most

if you are using them as a preventative measure, wear the cups consistently for the first 2 - 3 weeks, then as needed thereafter

it is recommended to take a break from wearing silverette breastfeeding cups each day (or as needed) and letting your nipples air dry (in the sun is great!), especially if you leak a lot, to prevent excessive moisture exposure

a moist environment is conducive to healing and helps prevents cracks/tears/cuts, however, excess moisture exposure can irritate the nipples and surrounding skin, potentially causing thrush or dermatitis (uncommon but it can happen)

handcrafted in Italy by licensed silversmiths for many years, they have a patented anatomical shape that has been tested to fit any size nipple without compressing it. the rounded shape allows air to circulate, while the edges have been folded by hand to avoid any discomfort

 with a little care they will last forever
whether you breastfeed one child or 10, these breastfeeding cups will see you through your entire breastfeeding journey

*IMPORTANT: while some irritation and discomfort from breastfeeding can be expected, especially as a first time mother, significant nipple damage should be investigated further
it is recommended to seek help to ensure the latch and positioning are correct and to ensure that there is no undiagnosed lip and/or tongue tie

if you seek professional advice, silverette nursing cups will help to heal any existing damage while the underlying cause is being determined

*NB: silverette nursing cups are registered as a medical device under the WAND (Web Assisted Notification of Devices) database here in New Zealand

for medical devices to be legally supplied in New Zealand they must be notified to the WAND database

endorsed by midwives, lactation consultants and obstetricians around the world

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