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shnuggle moonlight nightlight

shnuggle moonlight nightlight

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light up every step with shnuggle moonlight, the clever, temperature sensing dock also helps you to keep the room temperature just right

with dual parent and child modes, a room temperature sensing dock and unique design, it is a must have for all new parents, in parent mode, shnuggle moonlight provides the perfect amount of light to feed, comfort and change baby through the night, anywhere in your home

as baby grows simply switch to child mode and moonlight becomes the perfect night time companion for your child, a soothing bedside light to help promote sleep and a comforting light for your little one’s late night bathroom trips


  • simply turn over to activate or turn off
  • baby safe, low blue light
  • if left on, the light gradually dims before turning off after 1 hour
  • portable with a handy strap to easily carry
  • room temperature indicator on charging dock
  • gradually dims to simulate sunset
  • stays in nightlight mode all night
  • handy strap makes it easy for little hands to carry
  • a simple shake will activate
  • cool to touch, low power LED light with low blue light levels to promote sleep
  • gradually dims through the night
  • room temperature indicator on dock

intelligent dock gently glows to indicate the temperature of the room

cool : <16°C
ideal : 16°C - 21°C
warm : 22°C - 26°C
too warm : >26°C

NOTE - requires regional USB charging plug

*in parent mode, light will remain on full brightness for 40 minutes before gradually dimming in sunset mode for 20 minutes and then switching off

alternatively, you can turn over to switch off

**in child mode the light will activate at full brightness for 20 minutes before gradually dimming in sunset mode to a low level soft glow which remains on for 10 hours before switching off

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