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purflo swaddle to sleeping bag all seasons

purflo swaddle to sleeping bag all seasons

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specially designed to provide a safe alternative to using swaddle blankets and loose bedding

swaddling is proven to calm and soothe babies and help them sleep for longer
recent studies have found that swaddling leads to infants having a quieter and longer sleep along with more stable heart rates, traditionally, a baby is swaddled using a blanket however, this can lead to developmental issues in bones such as hip dysplasia, these issues are eliminated when using swaddle to sleep bags as they have been designed to allow healthy movement of baby’s hips so they can kick and wriggle
the swaddle to sleep sag has been certified hip healthy by the international hip dysplasia Institute so you can rest assured baby’s hips are safe in our sleep bag

arms in or out
the sleeves on our sleep bag popper shut so baby’s arms can be safely tucked inside giving the same benefits of swaddling, without all the fuss, it is impossible to know whether any baby will prefer to be swaddled or not, that’s why our sleep bag gives you the option
the poppered sleeves also provide the ability for baby to gradually grow out of swaddling by allowing one arm to be swaddles and one arm out, then eventually, both arms out

all seasons tog

the 2.5 tog is perfect for all season use, allowing parents to tailor the garments underneath to suit the temperature, it features the addition of a sustainable and hypoallergenic filling that reduces the build up of allergy inducing mites and bacteria


  • outer - 100% cotton
  • mesh - 100% polyester
  • filling - 100% polyester and amicor pure mix

washing & drying

  • machine washable at 40°C
  • line dry or tumble dry on a low heat

size guide
sizing is based on measurements and weight so please use the guide to determine if this product is suitable for your baby

  • all babies grow at different rates and we use age as a guide only
  • this product is recommended for use with babies that are approximately
  • 0 – 4 months old
  • weight 3 - 7.25kg
  • height of 50 - 65cm
  • H65 x W38cm
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