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nuk star silicone soother

nuk star silicone soother

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you can rely on the nuk star soother

thanks to a wide range of sizes, every little mouth can find the right soother, from newborns to toddlers over 18 months old, the large selection of colours and designs will delight little ones and grown-ups alike

  • 99% of babies can be soothed by it
  • 96% of breastfeeding parents appreciate that it’s breastfeeding friendly
  • 90% of orthodontists recommend it because of its shape being right for the jaw
the upper side nestles very gently against the palate
in this soft zone, the material of the soother is very thin and so it’s particularly smooth, at the same time, the underside leaves room for the tongue’s natural sucking movements

because it’s very narrow and flat, hardly any pressure is exerted on the teeth or jaws this means that the development of the jaw and teeth is hardly affected, a fact that orthodontists confirm

for all these reasons, we call it the nuk star because, with its shape, designs and sizes, it remains our classic and is simply the best for 99% of babies

this nuk soother therefore comes in a sturdy, reusable box, which keeps the soother clean and protects it – above all for when you are out and about an ideal solution for stopping your baby’s favourite companion becoming dirty or wet, additionally, it is suitable for hygienic cleaning in the microwave 
nuk soothers are 100% made in Germany
of course, they are BPA free and comply with the European safety standard EN1400 for reasons of safety and hygiene, replace the silicone soother after 1–2 months use
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