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nuk space silicone soother - 2 pack

nuk space silicone soother - 2 pack

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allows delicate baby skin to breathe

the teat is so flat, thin and narrow that it fits perfectly into little mouths and leaves the tongue, as well as the jaws, enough room for natural sucking movements

  • air and affection for the skin
  • your baby‘s skin is soft and sensitive, even though babies love their soothers, the saliva from sucking can irritate the skin
  • the design for space soother gives skin air and space to breathe
  • thanks to its unique design, not only are these gentle against baby skin, it also looks great with cute designs
  • of course, the teat has the original nuk shape that is modelled on a parent‘s nipple as they breastfeed, this means nuk soothers aid healthy oral development, are accepted by 95% of babies** and do not cause nipple confusion**

a fact that midwives, paediatricians and orthodontists**, just like parents***, confirm

the anatomically correct nuk shape is ideal, because natural sucking not only ensures the intake of food, it is also proven to help develop important abilities, such as the proper way to swallow, chew and, ultimately, speak

nuk soothers are 100% made in Germany

they are BPA free and comply with the European safety standard EN1400 for reasons of safety and hygiene, replace the silicone soother after 1–2 months use

*independent market research, 114 parents; Germany 2018
**independent market research, 50 midwives, 50 paediatricians and 50 orthodontists; deutschland 2017
***independent market research, 307 parents; Germany 2017
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