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nuk for nature bottle with temperature control

nuk for nature bottle with temperature control

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the sustainable baby bottle

all nuk for nature products are packaged in 100% FSC-certified paper, which can simply be put in the recycle paper bin and to make the carbon footprint even smaller, everything from raw materials to manufacturing with green electricity is optimised to be climate friendly

because sustainable is naturally better, made from 100% sustainable materials (mass balance approach) the soft teat is made of sustainable silicone, everything else of sustainable plastic*

  • made from 100% sustainable materials (mass balance approach)*
  • from raw materials to manufacturing with green electricity, climate-friendly for real mini carbon footprints
  • packaged in 100% paper - FSC-certified and can be put in the paper recycle bin
  • natural drinking sensation: extra wide and soft teat tip with several tiny openings - a familiar feeling as if at a parent´s breast
  • with patented temperature control indicator
  • BPA-free
  •  can be combined with all nuk for nature and nuk nature sense accessories

150ml: size S with 3 tiny openings (for slow drinking flow)
260ml: size M with 6 tiny openings (for medium drinking flow)

the teat is available with three, six or nine tiny openings

depending on baby’s individual sucking strength, these different opening variants allow for an optimal drinking flow

nuk for nature baby bottle gives the baby the same drinking sensation as at a parent’s breast, this is confirmed by 98% of parents**
the uniquely natural feeling is due to the teat being modelled on a parent's nipple, right down to the last detail
the nuk for nature teat has a particularly wide and flexible lip rest and several tiny openings - like the milk ducts in a parent's breast
thanks to the nuk anti colic air system, babies and parents alike get a good feeling, all this enables an optimal, even and natural flow
added to this comes the innovative nuk temperature control indicator, which changes from blue to white when the contents are too hot

important: temperature control is intended as an additional check therefore, the temperature should still be checked manually before actual feeding
to check the temperature of the contents, put a few drops on the inside of your wrist
  • *these materials are linked to 100% natural raw materials, compliant with the mass balance approach and certified by ISCC PLUS (plastic) and REDcert2 (silicone)
  • **independent market research, Germany, 2016
  •  baby bottles comply with the European safety standard EN14350
  • carefully read warnings and instructions inside
  • please retain product information and article/ LOT no. for future use
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