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infasecure momentum move

infasecure momentum move

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takes some of our best selling safety features while designed for travelling in comfort and style

as a compact convertible child restraint, this seat provides an excellent array of product and safety features

​being an extended rearward facing restraint, this seat offers best practice protection for longer

is also steel reinforced in the upper shell and headrest mechanism, adding extra strength to create a lightweight yet durable restraint your precious cargo

​its compact design allows for greater fitment in more vehicles and is ideal for 3 across in the back seat

isoix installation™

supplied with an additional pair of connectors (one on either side of the seat) that then latch on to a dedicated anchorage bar built into your vehicle by the manufacturer 

active bamboo
a high performance, premium quality bamboo charcoal fabric

the gently woven yarn wicks away moisture, keeping your child cool and dry whilst offering a soft, smooth surface ensuring your child travels in complete comfort

head impact protection™ (H.I.P)

a specialized EPS foam that is designed to attenuate energy in the event of an impact​energy attenuation is where the material absorbs crash energy away from the child, offering them ultimate protection against injury to the head

air barrier cushion™ (A.B.C)
safety technology integrated directly into the car seat headrest
designed to offer advanced side impact management and optimal protection of your child’s head in the event of an accident
it adds additional air cushioning between your child’s head and the impact point, keeping them as far from harm as possible

lift & adjust™
simply lift the ring to adjust the head rest up or down, into your desired position
includes 10 head rest positions, ensuring that the best possible fit can be achieved as your child grows in the car seat

the built in 6 point harness will self adjust as the head rest is raised, growing with your child up to an average 6 year old

easy recline ​
an easy recline function that can be accessed from the underside of the front of the seat
the easy to identify grey lever can simply be lifted to recline the seat into it’s desired position using one hand and one step
this model can be reclined whilst the seat is already installed (in forward facing mode only), by loosening the tether and seatbelt, reclining the seat into the desired position, and retightening the tether and seatbelt. There is no need for a swing under base or a separate rebound bar
includes 4 recline positions

ultra compact width – great for 3 across
ultra compact rear facing depth – great for small vehicles
air barrier cushion integrated into the headrest, offering advanced side impact protection
head impact protection made from EPS foam, designed to attenuate energy in an impact
isofix compatible installation
lift & adjust allows for one handed adjustment of the headrest and shoulder slots 
high performance, premium quality bamboo charcoal fabric
4 recline positions
easy install belt path
side swapping tether adjuster allows you to swap the side of your tether strap with just a few steps

in built six point harness with easy lift and adjust function

width (base) – 37cm
width (arm) - 44cm
width (side wings) - 44cm
height (top to bottom) - 61cm
depth (forward facing) - 53cm

depth (rear facing) - 57cm

approximate shoulder height marker
lower marker (must rear face under marker) – 34cm
middle marker (turn to forward facing) – 39cm

upper marker (stop use) – 42cm

warranty: 12 months (cover) / lifetime (shell)

after sales care
by purchasing momentum more and registering your warranty with infasecure, you're automatically enrolled in their premium customer program
receive lifetime discounts on spare parts and covers, priority customer care and much, much more
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