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harker herbals

harker herbals be well immune boost 200ml

harker herbals be well immune boost 200ml

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great for every day use to support long term recovery and those prone to repeat illness and feeling rundown


  • supports strong immunity and healthy energy
  • everyday support for those prone to repeat illness, low energy and feeling rundown
  • added support when recovering from illness
  • includes astragalus, echinacea and siberian ginseng, which clinical research shows supports strong immune systems
  • natural lemon flavour
  • free from gluten, dairy, alcohol and preservatives
  • suitable for adults and young adults over 12 years
  • safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • can be taken long term

always read the label and use as directed, if symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional

stay well: to boost and build immunity, take 5ml two to three times daily OR take a single dose of 10–15ml once per day if preferred
take long-term for best results
get well: to support recovery from illness and low energy levels, take 5ml three to four times daily, if acutely unwell, take harker herbals vira guard
  • each 5ml dose contains:
  • WITHANIA root 205mg
  • ECHINACEA  root 436mg
  • ASTRAGALUS root 865mg
  • SIBERIAN GINSENG root 720mg
  • REISHI  384mg
base ingredients: in a base of chicory root fibre, vegetable glycerine, natural flavours, citric acid and water
this low sugar formulation contains less than 0.66g of sugar per 5ml dose.

  • always read the label and use only as directed
  • shake well before use
  • if taking prescribed medication, we recommend seeking professional medical advice before taking or products
  • safe in pregnancy and while breastfeeding
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