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haakaa ladybug silicone milk collector

haakaa ladybug silicone milk collector

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perfect breast pad alternative for mums who want to save every drop of leakage and letdown

the one piece design attaches to your breast with suction and sits securely and discreetly in your bra
the suction is light and gentle to hold the product in place, it won't draw out additional milk, so it's ideal for mums who leak breast milk and want to save it without increasing their supply

you can wear the ladybug on the other side while you're breastfeeding to catch your letdown or wear one on each breast inside your bra as you carry on with your day
it is completely portable and has small feet on the bottom to stand upright on any flat surface, preventing spills after use
once you have finished collecting your letdown, open the plug on the top and safely pour out your milk into a container or bottle
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