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crane baby

crane baby electric single breast pump

crane baby electric single breast pump

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gives you everything you need in an electric pump -  comfort, efficiency and ease of cleaning, plus a whole lot more features and convenience

first and foremost, an electric pump needs to be efficient and effective, pumping as much milk in as little time as possible, with a powerful hospital level motor, you'll find pumping is efficient and effective

designed to mimic a baby's natural sucking, world leading 3D pumping technology and easily adjustable modes help to stimulate milk let down, whilst gently massaging and squeezing the breast and nipple

there are 2 modes -  simulation to help your let down and expression for effective pumping

the soft silicone breast cushion is so much more comfortable than the usual hard plastic against your breast, plus the wide range of suction levels make a big difference to comfort

it has a built-in rechargeable battery (works continuously up to 3 hours on a full charge)
a super sleek and portable design that allows you more flexibility
is quiet to use, not does have a powerful motor inside after all, but quieter than your average breast pump

  • high quality breast pump with hospital level performance
  • suction strength controls -9 different levels of suction can be set and adjusted easily with memory function
  • ergonomic Milk Collection Kit allowing comfort, better suction and stimulation
  • effective letdown cycle 
  • portable and compact design giving you the flexibility to pump whether at home or on the go
  • built in rechargeable li-ion polymer battery allowing your pump to run for up to 3 hours on the go
  • milk collection kit
  • wide neck bottle kit
  • pump motor unit
  • power adapter
  • tubing and connector

cleaning and care

  • cleaning and caring for your pump is simple and hygienic with backflow protection and the simple to reassemble milk collection kit
how loud is the crane breast pump? what does it sound like?
crane is known for its ‘whisper quiet’ products, and the crane breast pump prides itself on being quieter than other pumps
whisper quiet doesn’t mean silent, but it isn’t loud and irritating
feedback from tester mums was that this pump is quieter than the other pumps they personally had used

how long can I use the pump without being plugged into mains power?
the built-in rechargeable battery charges fully after about four and a half hours
from a full charge your pump can work continuously for about 2 hours

what size silicone 3D cushion is included with my breast pump?
it comes with the most popular size option of silicone 3D cushion
this part of the milk collection kit fits around the areola and nipple and using the right size is important, using the wrong size can cause discomfort and may mean your expressing is not as effective as it could be
there are different size options available, and your crane user guide that comes with your pump has a measuring guide so you know what other size cushion to purchase if you need to
please check you are using the right size if your pumping experience is painful
changing the size of silicone 3D cushion can be the answer to a more comfortable experience, and more efficient pumping

what flow level are the bottle teats that come with your breast pumps?
these are anti-colic slow release teat and wide neck bottles
medium and large flow teats available for separate purchase

do you need to replace any parts on your breast pump regularly?
over time and regular use, parts do need to be replaced due to normal wear
parts may also have been damaged or degraded through regular or excessive sterilisation or heat
you will know when it is time to replace parts as you will experience reduced suction or other issues with your pumps performance

can I use a different brands teat on the crane bottles that come with your breast pump?
no, the bottles are compatible only with the crane anti-colic teats (available in 3 different sizes)

what is your returns policy on the breast pumps?
due to hygiene, once your pump box is open it is not able to be returned or exchanged
your breast pump will be covered by crane for any faults
can I use my own non-branded bottles to fit onto your breast pump?
no, the pump head fits only the crane tritan plastic bottles
you can use the cane bottles just for milk collection and also for feeding
however you can also use any brand of bottles for feeding, just collect your milk in your crane bottle and collection kit

can I put parts in the dishwasher?
parts may also be washed in the dishwasher using the top rack, we always recommend hand washing over the dishwasher to help your parts last as long as possible
the more delicate silicone parts such as diaphragms and teats are best washed by hand
    please see instruction booklet for extensive cleaning instructions.
    bottle kit and milk collection kit should be sterilized before first use
    sterilize daily and wash after each use
    the breast pump milk collection kit has a closed system therefore cleaning the tubing is not necessary
    if you see moisture in the tubing after pumping, disconnect tubing from the diaphragm cap, urn on the pump for a few minutes until the moisture is gone
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