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bumkins silicone chewtensils

bumkins silicone chewtensils

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intended for babies before they have a firm grasp on self feeding (best for dipping and scooping, not yet spearing solid foods)

designed for stage 1 of baby led weaning
introducing babies to the concept of holding a utensil and feeding themselves.
made from soft, textured, food grade silicone that’s easy to grip and gentle on tender gums, with bendable heads for safety
the back of the spoon head has sensory bumps to stimulate gums.
perfect for dipping into puréed foods at the early part of baby led weaning
can be chewed on by younger babies before they’re ready to transition to silverware

for ages 6 months and up
dishwasher-safe (top rack)
measuring approximately 3” long x 1.25” wide
BPA-free, BPS-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, cadmium-free and lead-free
CPSIA compliant

do not leave child unattended with chewtensils, discard if damaged or torn

perfectly sized for little hands
how well could you eat a meal with a spoon if it was several times longer than the width of your hand?
standard baby spoons, while smaller than adult utensils, are still very long compared to a baby’s hand and arm

sized to fit into a baby’s small hand, this smaller size is more comfortable for babies to grab and gives them more control, helping them develop fine motor skills

round handle for learning
babies are constantly learning about their surroundings, as they learn about self feeding, how would they know which end of a utensil to hold?

round, textured handles that are easy to grasp and hold on tight
the added weight of the solid silicone handles also helps to steady babies’ hands as they learn to dip and scoop purees and soft foods

textured to soothe
babies spend a good deal of time teething and seeking out things they can chew on your little one will probably gnaw on their chewtensils, so we made them from soft, food safe silicone and added a bit of texture to help give them a bit of relief as they deal with the discomfort of teething*
let them dip the chewtensils into a cool puree and enjoy the relief

*chewtensils are not a teether and should only be used under direct adult supervision

platinum cured silicone
silicone is extremely durable, easy to care for, and safe to use
during creation, silicone can be "cured" with two types of curing agents
bumkins use the best one - platinum
when cured with platinum, there are no by products created, and the silicone's already fabulous qualities are amplified

stain, odour, and bacteria resistant
silicone's properties are naturally bacteria, mould, and fungus resistant, these silicone utensil sets all feature a smooth finish, so there's nowhere for food to get trapped

dishwasher safe
silicone is extremely durable, which means it's dishwasher safe
unlike other plastic baby utensils, silicone does not leach any harsh chemicals during high heat washing
wash your Bumkins dishware however you see fit, but rest assured, the days of handwashing dishes are in the past with silicone

100% food grade platinum silicone
BPA, PVC, lead or phthalates free
dishwasher safe (top rack only) or hand wash with dish soap and warm water and let air dry

some scented washing products may leave a residue odor or taste in the silicone grip dish so we recommend using products with little or no scent

microwave and freezer safe

removing odours from silicone
a few procedures that have been successful at removing the unwanted odors or tastes and refresh the silicone to stick better in the case of hard water or soap buildup

1. try using a rinse agent in your dishwasher to reduce mineral build up

2. submerge the dish in a mixture of boiling hot water and white vinegar using the ratio of 1 cup of vinegar for every two cups of hot water, soak for 30 minutes and then scrub with a gentle cleaning sponge - white vinegar is used to reduce mineral build up from hard water and can be used regularly without harming the dish, rinse and dry thoroughly

3. coat the dish with a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda using the ratio of 1 tbsp of white vinegar to 2 tbsp of baking soda, allow the coated dish to sit overnight, rinse and dry thoroughly
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