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zazi wooden knife

zazi wooden knife

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get your little one involved in the kitchen, it’s just the right size for little hands

best used with softer foods such as such as bananas, mushrooms, peaches, avocado, apple, watermelon, pineapple, tomatoes, cheese, bread or anything pre boiled

this is essentially a blunt knife, so a lot of pressure would be required to chop through something like a carrot - make sure you’re setting your little one up for success when you’re choosing your foods

the wooden knife is also ideal for messy play with textures like play dough or kinetic sand - cue messy play 

12cm (w) x 8cm(h)
can I pop my wooden knife in the dishwasher?
no, it’s important that your knife isn’t submerged in water or exposed to the heat of a dishwasher

how should I wash the wooden knife?
simply rinse with soap and water and remove any food with a scrubbing brush
do not submerge your wooden knife or allow it to absorb lots of water

what age is the wooden knife recommended for?
it depends on your child’s strength and gross motor development but if they can comfortably stand and balance without holding on to something, they can be offered a wooden knife to explore chopping with

what can the wooden knife chop?
it's a dull, child safe blade much like a butter knife
what can be cut depends on your child’s strength and force
a good rule of thumb to determine whether your child could cut something is “could I cut this with a butter knife?”

if the answer is yes then let your child have a go

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