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zazi clever mat

zazi clever mat

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stop your suction silicone wear sliding sideways on all placemats

introducing the clever mat
not only does it's let your child learn how to set the table independently, it cleverly helps your suction dinnerware stick like glue, with no sideways slide

if you have a surface that your plates or bowls won't stick to, it's because that surface has grooves or holes that lets air into the vacuum that creates the suction
these mats alleviate this issue, sticking with friction to your table and creating the best surface for your dinnerware

mum tip: you can turn it upside down and bake on it

polished centre sticks suction plates and bowls like glue

sticks to your table or bench with friction
embossed tableware design helps your child set the table
brilliant for messy play with play dough or sand
ridiculously easy to clean
dishwasher safe
oven safe (to 230°)
freezer safe (to -40°)
free of BPA and phthalate
100% food grade silicone
bacteria and mould resistant


30cm high, 40cm wide

silicone is a wonder of a material in the baby world, most importantly because it’s food-safe and BPA-free
it’s also odour and stain resistant, hypoallergenic and a breeze to clean

as it’s so long lasting and can be used time and time again, this makes silicone a much better and sustainable option compared with plastic

when you use silicone, you’re saving the planet by choosing products that are made from natural materials (did you know it’s made from sand?!)

learn how to look after your silicone here


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