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zazi clever cutlery

zazi clever cutlery

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cutlery specifically designed for little hands

designed by a speech and language therapist, clever cutlery are the perfect starter set recommend from 11 months onwards

remember, adult cutlery is designed for adult hands, so if your child doesn't have adult sized hands, they'll probably love and benefit from these

what sets them apart from all the rest?
they're meticulously designed to be just the right size for little hands

they have a textured handle for a solid grip and a wide neck which prevents slippy little hands from sliding down into the stainless steel

the knife is just as sharp as adult cutlery
the fork has prongs sharp enough to actually pick up food

the spoon fits in little mouths

set includes knife, fork and spoon
stainless steel fork and knife are sharp enough for successful eating
wide neck to support grip placement
textured handle for more friction and grip
the right length for children
firm silicone with no flexibility
easy to clean
dishwasher safe
freezer safe (-40° to 230°)
ree of BPA and phthalates
100% food grade silicone

bacteria and mould resistant

150mm long

never leave your child unattended with anything in their mouth, including clever spoonsobserve your child at all times when they are eating

inspect spoons regularly and dispose fully at any sign of wear or tear

choosing silicone
silicone is a wonder of a material in the baby world, most importantly because it’s food-safe and BPA-freeit’s also odour and stain resistant, hypoallergenic and a breeze to clean

as it’s so long lasting and can be used time and time again, this makes silicone a much better and sustainable option compared with plastic

when you use silicone, you’re saving the planet by choosing products that are made from natural materials (did you know it’s made from sand?!) so ka pai


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