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the milk collective

the milk collective hazelnut chocolate lactation drink

the milk collective hazelnut chocolate lactation drink

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an indulgent chocolate powder, flavoured with a hint of natural hazelnut flavour giving an irresistible taste experience

real dark chocolate shavings for the ultimate chocolate taste experience
effective galactagogue such as brewers yeast to support breastmilk
supply healthy fats delivered from organic coconut milk powder, to help enrich the quality of breastmilk
sweetened with low GI, organic coconut sugar and monk fruit juice
natural, wheat free, dairy free and plant-based
hazelnut hot chocolate

best enjoyed with hot, steamed milk - add 2 tsp into a mug, add your milk of choice and heat

iced hazelnut chocolate frappe

blend together 2 tsp with milk of choice and ice


premium dutch cocoa powder, organic coconut sugar, organic coconut milk powder, dark chocolate shavings (65% cacao, 35% coconut sap sugar), brewers yeast, natural flavour, monk fruit juice

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