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the jiffle

the jiffle wagon - footmuff

the jiffle wagon - footmuff

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the footmuff consists of two parts - together they allow you the freedom to choose which combination suits your baby

the upper part of the footmuff used to cuddle your child in a wrap, there is also a small pocket for a dummy

the bottom section of the footmuff keeps the legs warm, both parts of the footmuff are lined with a soft fleece

when your child is still small, you might use these parts both at the same time, nice and comfy and warm

if your child is a bit older and wearing a coat, it may be nice to just keep the legs warm, in the cooler months without a coat, it might still be a bit chilly, then use only the top section, for example
that way, shoes can get dirty in the playground and the footmuff stays clean

  • keep your child warm in chilly weather
  • multi use for comfort
  • breathable material
  • soft Fleece Lined 
  • easy unbuttoning
  • hand washable (cold water only) 
  • can be folded for easy storage
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