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mammas milkbar

mammas milkbar oat milk lactation hot chocolate

mammas milkbar oat milk lactation hot chocolate

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enjoy the most exquisite drinking experience for baby and you

deliciously decadent made with 70% dark chocolate shavings & freeze dried oat milk

features & benefits
  • boost your milk game with our delicious nourishing lactation lattes
  • packed with galactagogue-rich superfoods to nourish your motherhood
  • give your baby your ultimate liquid gold experience
  • plant based, dairy free
  • perfect for breastfeeding, pumping & bottle feeding mothers

combined 70% decadent vegan chocolate shavings with freeze dried oat milk, along with a good dash of superfood galactagouge shatavari to help balance your hormones and give you the most decadent drinking experience for you and your baby

packed with 100% yummy natural ingredients, using only premium ingredients and proudly made in New Zealand

  • premium dutched cocoa, powdered oat milk, powdered cane sugar, 70% organic dark chocolate havings (organic cacao, organic premium grade cocoa butter, coconut nectar) brewers yeast, organic shatavari, cinnamon


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