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mammas milkbar

mammas milkbar lactation hot chocolate

mammas milkbar lactation hot chocolate

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come and savor the silky, tropical flavours of creamy coconut and chocolate

hey mamma, come, relax and savour the silky, tropical dream of coconut and chocolate
boost your milk game with our delicious lactation lattes
packed with MCT and galactagogue rich superfoods to nourish your fat content in breastmilk
give your baby your ultimate liquid gold experience
so versatile, enjoy in smoothies, baked goods or even just sprinkled

100% natural, plant based
vegan friendly, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, nut free, soy free
proudly made in New Zealand

want to naturally and deliciously boost milk supply?
the coconut chocolate blend is thoughtfully crafted with your wellbeing in mind, combining organic and natural ingredients so you and your baby can benefit

imagine silky, coconut, chocolate, decadent dreams of the tropics and enjoy a delicious cup of this creamy treat and help nourish your little one

blended with dutch cocao, organic coconut cream and galactogogues rich ingredients to support breastfeeding and pumping mothers in boosting breastmilk supply
the MCT rich organic coconut cream helps with rich quality fat in your breastmilk to keep baby fed for longer

  • dutch cocoa powder, gluten free brewers yeast, powdered cane sugar, powdered organic coconut cream, real coconut


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