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mammas milkbar

mammas milkbar lactation caramelised white hot chocolate

mammas milkbar lactation caramelised white hot chocolate

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luxurious caramelised lactation white hot chocolate experience

enjoy your golden, decadent and creamy with rich caramel undertones, packed with galactogogues rich ingredients including maca to support your hormones and organic coconut cream, rich in MCT's to help with fattier milk to keep baby fed

using real cocoa butter for the authentic white chocolate experience, a perfect keto fat, it contains an amazing source of vitamin E and a high amount of fatty acids - rich in oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid, which are vital antioxidants supporting your body

features & benefits

  • boost your milk game with our delicious nourishing lactation lattes
  • packed with mct and galactagogue-rich superfoods to nourish your fat content in breastmilk
  • give your baby your ultimate liquid gold experience
  • perfect for breastfeeding, pumping & bottle feeding mothers
  • each bottle contains between 23-28 servings
please note: cocoa butter floats to the top so you will see bubbles of rich (good) fat, just stir it up
(we do not use flow agents as an additive to make the product flow better)

just give the bottle a shake to loosen it all up

packed with 100% yummy natural ingredients, using only premium ingredients and proudly made in New Zealand and is vegan friendly, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, nut free, soy free

  • organic premium grade cocoa butter, coconut blossom sugar, brewers yeast, organic coconut cream powder, organic maca


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