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hushh portable white noise

hushh portable white noise

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throughout night time or naptime, it masks disruptive noises to promote longer, more restful sleep cycles

this compact portable unit comes with 3 sound options: choose from bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf, the sounds are played on a continuous loop

hushh is powered by a lithium ion battery and recharges from a micro-usb cord (included)

it runs continuously without a timer, and has an on/off button

the hushh has been tested to run for up to approx 12 hours continuously on battery power, when played on medium volume and without the nightlight

the continuous play means you can turn hushh on at bedtime, and it will help calm and resettle your baby or child all through the night

no timers or need to reset, just lovely calming white noise all night

volume info
giving you a lot of flexibility in terms of how loud you play it and where you use it

most customers find low to medium volume quite sufficient and this will also mean that the charge lasts for longer as the higher the volume, the shorter the battery time

the maximum volume would be suitable if you are using the Hushh plugged in across the room from your baby and only for short periods

battery power information

he hushh has an internal rechargeable battery which means you never need to replace batteries or worry about your child opening the machine and playing with batteries

the battery can last all night, depending on a number of factors

you will get the best battery life from your Hushh when it is used on medium volume without the nightlight and is expected to last 12 hours of continuous noise

basically the lower the volume played at, the longer your battery will last (and considerably longer when the light is not used)

the 'bright white' (middle sound) has been shown to have the best battery time

it's recommend charging with a good quality charger, such as the good quality chargers supplied with a phone or a Belkin brand charger

the nightlight function and battery life

hushh has a very small amber nightlight, if you are using battery power, use of the nightlight, particularly if also using at high volume, will cut the battery life down significantly

used with maximum volume and the nightlight, the Hushh battery will last less than 5 hours
when used on maximum volume without the light, you can expect around 10 hours

volume also has a significant impact on battery life

usb power cord information
the hushh comes with a one meter USB cable cord, but not a power plug or adapter
as it is intended to be used as a portable machine, please do not leave the unit plugged into power for an extended period of time as this can damage the internal rechargeable battery
it is recommended that you only use the USB cord provided with your hushh, using any other cord can result in damaging your unit and/or does not provide sufficient power to run your unit

we suggest popping a sticker/marker on your cord so you can differentiate between other usb cords you may have in your household

this unit is intended for portable use - do not leave plugged in for more than 5 consecutive days

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