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harker herbals

harker herbals healing balm

harker herbals healing balm

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a must-have for everyday use and the first-aid kit

natural antiseptic properties and rich lanolin make this useful for minor abrasions, cracked skin and as a protection from sun and wind

great as a lip balm and protection from the drying effects of sun and wind
soothes chapped and cracked lips, and supports healing
useful for minor cuts and abrasions, especially on elbows, knees and heels
suitable for all ages

ideal for the first aid kit

always read the label and use as directed

if symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional


apply to the skin as needed


cedarwood, eucalyptol, eugenol, jojoba, menthol, olive, pine, thymol, rosemary, lemon, turpentine, lanolin

always read the label and use as directed
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