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crane mist humidifier + aroma diffuser

crane mist humidifier + aroma diffuser

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have minimal space but still want all the benefits of using a humidifier & diffuser?

the detachable power cord allows users to easily add or remove water from the tank or base

humidifiers increase moisture in the air and can be used for dry coughs, colds, nose bleeds, itchy eyes, dry scratchy throats and congestion

works with essential oils as an aroma diffuser
optional colour-changing light
ultrasonic Cool Mist increases moisture in the air to open up airways and promote a good nights sleep
can be used with cough, cold and congestion
removable 1.3 litre tank easily fits under most bathroom sinks
runs whisper quiet up to 17 hours on the lowest setting
effectively humidifies small & medium rooms up to 18.5 square metres
auto-Off function activates when water tank is empty
more energy efficient than a household light bulb - up to 20W
does not require a filter
FDA Registered, BPA Free
1 year warranty

watch a video

please read the instruction manual carefully before using your humidifier, particularly around placement of your humidifier
Place the Humidifier on an elevated, non-metallic, lint-free, waterproof, level surface at least 2 feet (60cm) above the floor

DO NOT place the humidifier on carpet or a towel, the fan vent is located on the bottom of the water basin
the fan vent MUST NOT be obstructed

DO NOT place the humidifier on a wood surface or near furniture that can be damaged by too much moisture

To prevent excess humidity or condensation please leave the door ajar for air circulation and adjust mist intensity to the low output setting

DO NOT use hot water in the water tank

is this suitable for babies and toddlers?
Yes, this unit is designed for use with your baby or toddler. The cool mist technology makes it safe to have in the home, unlike hot steam vapourisers which can be a burns hazard

why should I get one for my newborn?

Newborns are obligate nasal breathers, meaning that they can only breathe in through their nose for the first 4-6 months of their lives. Their nostrils are so small that even the tiniest clog can make everything from feeding to sleeping difficult and frustrating. Perhaps more importantly, the American Academy of Paediatrics advises against using over-the-counter cold medication for children under the age of 6. A whisper quiet, Crane Humidifier increases moisture in the air for easier breathing.

is too much humidity a thing?
Yes. To reduce excessive humidity (especially in a smaller room) we always suggest to leave the door slightly ajar to increase air circulation in the room. You can also easily adjust the mist intensity to a lower output setting. If you see the mist going up and straight down, this is a key indicator that the mist setting is too high for the humidity level in the room.
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