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crane baby

crane baby electric double breast pump

crane baby electric double breast pump

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Crane Baby's Rechargeable Double Electric Breast Pump gives you everything you need in an electric pump -  comfort, efficiency and ease of cleaning, plus a whole lot more features and convenience.  Just read the incredible reviews for this pump if you are deciding whether to choose a Crane pump. 

First and foremost, an electric pump needs to be efficient and effective, pumping as much milk in as little time as possible. The Crane pump delivers efficient, hospital level performance and the reviews totally back this up with many mums reporting significantly improved milk volume. With two independent motors, you can double pump at maximum suction on both breasts at once, choose different suction levels for each breast or pump just one side. Double pumping is both efficient for time and can also help to increase your milk supply.

The Crane Double Electric Breast Pump is designed to mimic a baby's natural sucking. World leading 3D pumping technology and easily adjustable modes help to stimulate milk let down, whilst gently massaging and squeezing the breast and nipple. There are 3 modes -  simulation to help your let down, expression and a 2-in1 mode.

Crane pumps are also very comfortable, again just read the reviews!  The soft silicone breast cushion is so much more comfortable than the usual hard plastic against your breast. Plus the wide range of suction levels and ability to have different suction levels makes a big difference to comfort.

Cleaning and caring for your pump is simple and hygienic with back-flow protection and the simple to reassemble milk collection kits.  

whether you are using your pump at home or out and about, you'll find the Crane Pump very convenient
it has a built-in rechargeable battery (works continuously up to 2 hours on a full charge), with a super sleek and portable design that allows you more flexibility
like all crane products, the double electric pump is quiet to use, not does have 2 powerful motors inside after all, but quieter than your average breast pump 

high quality breast pump with hospital level performance
ability to control suction strength levels separately for each side
ergonomic milk collection kit allowing comfort, better suction and stimulation
effective letdown cycle 
touch control and child lock to prevent accidental button presses
ability to mute button sounds to allow your baby to sleep
take a break with the Pause function - will pick up where you left off
30 minute count-up timer with alarm clock as reminder for your next session
portable and compact design giving you the flexibility to pump whether at home or on the go
built in rechargeable li-ion polymer battery allowing your pump to run for up to 2 hours on the go

milk collection kit x2
wide neck bottle kit x2
pump motor unit
power adapter
tubing and connector x2 sets
included tritan bottle - 150ml
silicone 3D cushions included are size 25mm
bottle kit and milk collection kit should be sterilized before first use
sterilize daily and wash after each use

the breast pump milk collection kit has a closed system therefore cleaning the tubing is not necessary
if you see moisture in the tubing after pumping, disconnect tubing from the diaphragm cap
turn on the pump for a few minutes until the moisture is gone

wipe the pump unit with a clean, damp cloth after use
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