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chicco infrared thermometer - thermo family

chicco infrared thermometer - thermo family

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a new thermometer to be always connected and monitor baby's fever everywhere

thermo family is an infrared thermometer ideal to for measuring the foreheads temperature

measure of the baby and can be synchronised with the smartphone or can be used as a normal thermometer

thanks to the dedicated APP chicco baby universe you can monitor the fever, view data, save and share them safely with whoever you choose

fever alarm - reveals a possible pyretic episode with an acoustic signal

large display - large backlight display for use at night

10 memory slots

instant and fast - the infrared technology allows you to measure the temperature of the baby simply in just 1 second

3 IN 1 multifunction - measures fever and more, it can also be used to identify the temperature of objects and liquids

the app chicco baby universe records and shares all the values and measurements to create a fever diary, which is always available on your smartphone

a simple interface that allows

save the values automatically
monitor the temperature trends
take note about symptoms and drugs
share information safely with whoever you choose
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