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boston + forest

boston + forest wheat bags

boston + forest wheat bags

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the sweetest wheat bags 

soothe your aches and pains while keeping warm or keep in the freezer for instant chill

these are the perfect shape to target neck muscles and period pain, holding the heat right where you need it instead of disappearing down the ends of a standard oblong shape

to heat simply pop in the microwave for 2-3 minutes (depending on your microwave) pop a cup of water in beside it, this helps them heat evenly without overheating or burning

colour - forest
dimensions - 25cm x 29cm (tail an extra 15cm)

colours - ballet or oatmeal

size - 25cm x 28cm

fabric: linen


organic buckwheat, grown and milled in New Zealand, naturally gluten free

product is proudly made in New Zealand

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