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babu merino sleeping bag - 3 seasons

babu merino sleeping bag - 3 seasons

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sleeping bags are like a duvet for a baby, they are the ultimate sleep garment

with properties of temperature regulation, moisture wicking, dust mite resistance and hypoallergenic fibres, it is the perfect choice for a great nights sleep

international studies show merino sleepwear and bedding help achieve longer, less interrupted sleep; and as parents, we all know how important that is

pilling is minimal with merino but is a normal process, this can be from the item your baby has been rubbing against, like the carpet or bed linen (especially flannelette sheets), they are easily removed

also be careful not to wash your delicates with heavy cottons or static giving items such as fleece polyester

the extra fine fibre is soft and non abrasive against even the most delicate skin 

this sleeping bag has a double ended zip on the side, two shoulder domes on each shoulder and domes under the arms for use with smaller babies

premium quality 100% Merino
two layers of 220 gsm jersey
19.5 Micron
91cm long, shoulder to base
low fire danger
armhole dome snaps for a size appropriate fit
great size for children with hip dysplasia who need more room
travel slot for strollers 
YKK side zip 

babu quality guarantee 

what to wear with your babu sleeping bag
the ideal room temperature for a baby is between 16-20ºC
this babu™ sleeping bag is perfect wearing for autumn, winter and spring temperatures
it does not carry a togg rating, as it is a natural, breathable fibre, but the below chart will help you decide how to dress your child for the room temperature

room temperature  dress code
22-24c short sleeve bodysuit
20-22c long sleeve bodysuit
18-20c long sleeve bodysuit & leggings
16-18c long sleeve bodysuit & pyjamas


as above, with long sleeve tee


should my baby use a sleeping bag?
baby sleeping bags are a wonderful alternative to blankets
baby sleeping bags fasten closed, ensuring your baby is kept covered all night long
you can use a merino sleeping bag almost all year round- just adjust the number of layers you put your baby to bed in
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